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LoadTest fails

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LoadTest fails

I have created a Test Property (Counter) on the UserGet TestCase.
I the Groovy Script, I get the Counter and increase it with 1
And then transfer it to the Test Property.
That works just fine when I run it. The Counter increases just fine for every run.
But when I use the LoadTest, it ignore the counting

I'm unsure it's the right way I'm doing it.

What I basically want is the following :

Loop with counter from 1 to x
TestRequest (CreateUser param email = "testuser(counter)"
TestRequest (ActivateUser param = TestRequest

What to do ? Any suggestions are welcome !


Re: LoadTest fails

Hi there!

After reading this: ... ution.html ,
I am lead to believe that the load test will create a unique "copy" of the test case for each run.
Instead of storing your Counter property at the TestCase level, store it at either TestSuite or Project level. See if this solves your issue.
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Re: LoadTest fails

Hi janhjordie,

You mentioned that you created a (property-transfer or groovy?) test step to increase your "counter" property by one. Can you please provide that script.

I am stuck with my property "SimNum".... so far I have a groovy script with:

def bn = context.expand('${#Project#SimNum}') as int
bn = bn + 1

How do I set the property value now?

Many thanks
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