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Integration in a WebApplication for test WS at many points.

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Integration in a WebApplication for test WS at many points.


i wish to develop a Servlet that integrate with soapUI 3.0 API, i will prepare a project in soapUI GUI interface, then load that project using follow code in a servlet:

WsdlProject project = new WsdlProject();
project.loadProject(new URL("file:///opt/soapui/projects/first-soapui-project.xml"));
WsdlInterface iface = (WsdlInterface)project.getInterfaceByName("FirstServiceSoap12");
WsdlOperation operation = (WsdlOperation) iface.getOperationByName( "firstService" );
WsdlRequest request = operation.getRequestByName("Request 1");
WsdlSubmit<?> submit = (WsdlSubmit<?>) request.submit( new WsdlSubmitContext(project), false );
Response response = submit.getResponse();

the idea is to test services in that project that need different client certificate.

my doubt is what part soapUI API classes are thread safe, what of those i can instantiate in application context, and what one i can instantiate in session context, and what one i must instantiate in request context?

any insight?
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