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How to mock an HTTP Status with specific codes

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Re: How to mock an HTTP Status with specific codes

Ok.  Thanks for the post and information, that is very useful information.

The client I am interfacing to, returns fault codes as if they were status codes.
For example:
a 200 is obviously good, but they will return different status codes, based on the quality of the response.   
So a 2xx means the data is good, but is expiring soon.
A 2yy means the data is good, but has outstanding claims.
A 2zz means the data is good, but is on hold
(obviously, the xx, yy, and zz stand for numeric values, but I don't have them in front of me right now).

Where most SOAP servers will return a data related status code inside of the data, this particular one ,decided to put their data related status codes as http status codes.

I'll be the first to say I think that is bad programming practice, but that's the situation that I am dealing with.

I was simply trying to make SOAP responses in Soap UI that mimick the data packets that will be coming from the vedor, so that I can put together good ETE testing of all of the conditions that we expect to get.

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