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ERROR [WsdlTestCase] Failed to create test step for [X]

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ERROR [WsdlTestCase] Failed to create test step for [X]

I get this error "ERROR [WsdlTestCase] Failed to create test step for [X]" when executing my soapui project from Maven (X is my test case name).

Tests work fine from the SOAPUI client software. My Soap-ui.error log is empty.


There doesn't seem to be enough information to let me debug this - I'm guessing there's some dependency I'm missing, but my tests are fairly simple (REST requests with a few assertions on the HTTP response). I assumed the core maven plugin would suffice.

My maven config is as below (I've also included the eviware repository -


the preceeding messages are :

[DefaultSoapUICore] Missing folder [/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Build-Mule-Configuration/workspace/ext] for external libraries 2015-07-01 15:10:48,961 INFO
[DefaultSoapUICore] Creating new settings at [/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/Build-Mule-Configuration/workspace/soapui-settings.xml]


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