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Changing security policy files

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Changing security policy files


I'm relatively new to SoapUI but have so far found it to be a great tool. I have just struck upon a problem though that is causing me some grief.

I have a secure AXIS2 based webservice that is hosted on Websphere App Server 6.1. Because of the certificates we are using (and the fact that Websphere uses its own JDK) we have to use IBM's unlimited strength policy files (these are based on IBM JDK 1.4.2).  (

My question is then, is there a way that I can call this secure web service  from within SoapUI. i.e. can I upgrade the security policy files that SoapUI uses in some way?

Any help appreciated

Re: Changing security policy files


yes web service security is supported in SoapUI.

you can check our users guide


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