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Assign Endpoints Option Not Persisting

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Assign Endpoints Option Not Persisting

I have a number of web service requests that I need to write scripts for using WS-Security.

I have a Service Endpoint set up within Interface properties with incoming and outgoing WSS, and I’ve assigned this to “All Requests and Test Requests”.

The problem is that when I restart SoapUI and open the tests, on running it I get the message “ Read timed out”, which I’ve worked out means that the test request is not using the Service Endpoint.

When I check by checking Assign (on the Interface viewer) again, the option has changed to “All Requests with no Endpoint”. I can change it back and it all works again but this is far from ideal.

Can anyone explain why this happens and how I can prevent it?
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Re: Assign Endpoints Option Not Persisting

May be you want to save the project once the endpoints are assigned?