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Anyone tried to mock Twitter services?

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Anyone tried to mock Twitter services?

Anyone tried to mock Twitter services? I am aware of the SoapUI Twitter sample project, but I am more interested in mocking Twitter. Any pointers, lessons learned, etc. would be appreciated.

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Re: Anyone tried to mock Twitter services?


Never tried for my self.

Just tried after seeing this thread.

  1. does not seem to be much helpful in SoapUI 4.5.1 (which I use most of the time) for rest mock service, though it is noticed mock rest service option in the context menu of project, not at the service.
  2. then tried in 5.2.0 where the option(mock rest service on the right context) is seen in the right place i.e., at the service / interface level.

As it can be seen in screen shot,

  • I choose settings method. And put some dummy response for Response 1.
  • Note that, by default, the path generated was in correct, so modified resource path for mock method to use the same resource path as per the request.
  • Started Mock Service and hit the request and get the response.

This is the very first try, I am not sure if you are after anything more precise. Please feel free to drop a note / comments if any.





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