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Use value in JSON response (from Post HTTP) for next test step GET HTTP

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Use value in JSON response (from Post HTTP) for next test step GET HTTP

I have tried to search on Google for a solution to this and it might exist (I am very new to this!) but I haven't been able to find it. This is what it´s all about:


I want to create a test suite where I create a consent with the post operation "postConsent" sent in to the operation as a JSON:


1) Sent as POST https://<apim-address>/axs/v1/consents/


And the response come back as JSON:

"consentStatus": 3,
"consentId": "91d99eb6-4442-4a88-82b2-752ca8d01406",
"scaMethods": [ {




The value of 'consentId' (91d99eb6-4442-4a88-82b2-752ca8d01406) - of course different for every new POST sent - is used in next test step where we want to check the status of the consent. That is done by 


2) GET https://<apim-address>/axs/v1/consents/91d99eb6-4442-4a88-82b2-752ca8d01406/status


Where the response from the GET come back as JSON as well. 


And also in a third step it would be feasible to use the consentId again in a GET operation 


3) GET https://<apim-address>/axs/v1/consents/91d99eb6-4442-4a88-82b2-752ca8d01406


And maybe even in a 4th step if we want to delete the consentId:


4) DELETE https://<apim-address>/axs/v1/consents/91d99eb6-4442-4a88-82b2-752ca8d01406


I have tried with property transfer but have not been able to store the value of consentId in a variable to put into each of the following GET and DELETE operations. I guess it´s possible? The property transfer window seem to have no groovy support. 


Thanx in advance!



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