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Test Cases for Many Users - as a central Test Repo

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Test Cases for Many Users - as a central Test Repo

Hallo SoapUI users,


Is is possible to build one common repository for tests?

We have people across different departments who need to share some test cases.

Because of remote work - I would like to avoid having SoapUI Test Cases on local machine, but rather to have common Library/Repo for all tests.

To say simple: I would like that anyone in any department should be able to run tests!

Is it possible with Soap UI - Free Version or I need something more advanced.


Thanks in advance for answer.




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hello @tmssz 


it sounds like you have an idea about that...  if your SoapUI project is stored in a GIT (or whatever version control system you use) repository, the remote user can just pull from it to get the current version of the SoapUI project.  Correct me if I am wrong, but a SoapUI project is a common repository for tests (all testcases are stored in one monolithic SoapUI .xml project file). When they have that project, they can run the testscases they want from their locally installed SoapUI application. 


Your question leaves me guessing a little bit on what you need because the very nature of SoapUI seems to meet your need as is, just figure out how you share files normally since this is not really new it the information technology world.


if you don't want the project shared, then you will have to find a computer that every user has network access to and install SoapUI on it and run the testcases in the project there.


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Partially this could be a solution. But I would like to avoid working with GIT - users should have possibility on working on the same SOAPUI project. They are not programmers to have any thing in common with git.

My question is how other people are dealing with such things like I mentioned.

Maybe I should explain it in detals.

So the logic is:

1) First person is creating TestCases etc. Saves it in network drive.

2) So file is accessible by other people who just click (use the project) and make tasks with testcase.

3) Any other people are extending the test cases and all involved should have access to new cases.

4) Any new person to department can use the testcases immediately.

5) with more complex testcases (different test environments) the more people could be involved into tests.

With 10 people (1 shift and 2 shift) with fast changes ... it seems git commits could be a little not right solutions.


So more detailed question is how people are dealing with test cases management and organization for SOAPUI products?


Hello @tmssz 


SoapUI is not the right product for you as soon as you say multiple people making/updating test cases.  SoapUI projects are monolithic xml files.  You will corrupt the project pretty quickly if multiple people are updating the file at the same time .  If you made a project read/only then many of people could access it to run testcases without fear of breaking it.  You will have to try/experiment then with SoapUI to see what will happen because you are describing a usage scenario that will be problematic unless all people who use the project file communicate with each other so that no one changes something that someone else is working on.  since we are all human, there will be problems.


Since you are in the SoapUI open source community asking the question, you are only going to get answers specific to it most likely.  Since it is free, your solution set will be limited.  The ReadyAPI product would be your path to a product that supports your scenario better, but then you will need licenses for all who use it.  It allows composite projects (each testcase is its own xml file) where people can work on different parts of a project without effecting other peoples work. 


I am interested if others have had success with multiple updaters of the same SoapUI project and not using a repository.

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Hallo @TNeuschwanger 

Thank you for your input and questions.

Maybe somebody from SmartBear can explain more about my case,

I will check functionality by ReadyAPI.

Thanks again.

Viele Gruesse




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