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Step by step overview of signing SOAP XML requests

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Step by step overview of signing SOAP XML requests


I am currently trying to implement SOAP request in PHP. This request is signed with certificate. I received SoapUI project containing the request to a service I try to connect to. Everything works perfectly in SoapUI but I struggle to end up with the same signature values in PHP code. Is there a step by step overview in SoapUI that would show body of request after each step of signing? For example: body before signing, body after cannonicalization, body with hashed and encoded signature value and so on? That would help me understand how the request is being signed under the hood and help me spot the mistake I make on my end.

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When you submit the request, the 'raw' tab on the request panel shows exactly what SoapUI sent to the API.  This includes URL, all headers, auth token etc.etc.

Yeah but signature content depends on body contents. Each time it changes, the signature is changed too. I need deeper insight on how it is generated step by step because I cannot achieve the same values in signature when I apply the same algorithms via PHP.

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Hi @raw80raw,

Were you able to find any information on this? I am trying to do the exact same thing but through JAVA.

My request is also working through the SOAPUI tool but not from the code.

I haven't found a solution yet. But I think it is way easier in Java as there are many packages that can help you with this.

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