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SoapUI OpenSource Integration with Git

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SoapUI OpenSource Integration with Git



Has anyone using Git for team testing with SoapUI.


I read somewhere Soap UI open source is good with when only one person is working on it.


I have to use Soap UI with team, we are 4 person in team who will work in a project but on different test suite or test cases. How we can use git in this scenario as Soap UI open source is creating only one project file.

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Hi Rao,


This link you mentioned above is for Ready Api, I am looking for Open Source.




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Hi amitgrover8,

Were you able to find solution for this? I am new to SoapUI and using the open source version. Appreciate if you can point me to any resources for this.




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Hi Yogita,


We faced lots of conflicts with GIT as SoapUI is creating only one XML file for one project. We ended up copying test cases to another project and merged the 2 version of project and add test cases again. If you want we can try github and find some solution by working on Sample project.


Will update this thread if I find any solution. 





Out of interest what goes wrong for you to cause the conflicts? Is it that the structure of the project XML varies? As I remember, isn't there a timestamp that is also problematic?


Is its easy to say what goes wrong, maybe its something that could be improved as part of a feature request?




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As a new user recently to SoapUI (open source), I encountered the multiple user scenario

and who commits to Git and blocking others who could lose their changes.


I went along with 1 workspace, and each project file within is dedicated to one service approach.

I did not want my xml project file getting too large.

Within each service project file, would be the resources/methods and TestSuite with

TestCases within.  We will eventually have many project files for each services which will

lessen the conflict of who works on what.  I went with this approach for the eventual use

of TeamCity and executing a specific service file when needed to be called from a build/deploy.


I can pass in my cmd line for TestRunner for what env I want to run on and modify my Endpoint

accordingly.  This will work great for TeamCity use.


As team members, we communicate to each other on when working on a certain service

to not conflict with others. 


I know this is an old post, but I am replying for new users who may be in the same situation I was in.




Thanks @jkrolczy for keeping this thread alive even after years. Just a quick question I had, How are you able to execute these tests you have in Bamboo/Git from a build/deploy tool. In my case, I have the test data and the soapui project xml files in a repo which I have linked to a Bamboo plan. I would like to run the plan(if manualy/triggered by a build deployment) so that it connects to the repo(clones/whatever) and then executes this soapui project(along with the data) @nmrao and others for help.
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From my understanding from my folks that handle TeamCity and the Build/Deploys, I have them setup me up

seperate Jobs in Team City per the project file(per service) I want to run.  Each service may have 2-3 Jobs each for a specific env I want to run against.  The cmd line being passed into TestRunner uses some project level parms for the env I want to run against.  In SoapUI, the the Projects level parms are then used by Global varaiables on the Project/Suite/Script level to read the data I have set within custom varaiables.  My scripts don't use external data files.

When I execute one of my TeamCity jobs, a build server is selected and all my SoapUI project code is Git cloned, TestRunner cmd line executed, and my scripts executed per env I have passed in to Project level.


I have some jobs set with a manual run button and some that run each day at a certain time.


It sounds like you need then part to where you are running at, to blow away your project code, reclone it from git and kick off TestRunner.


I hope I have undertsood your question and have answered it correctly.


Please reply back with any other questions.



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