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Testing an async API with SoapUI (free version)

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Testing an async API with SoapUI (free version)



I wish to test an async API with the tools provided by SoapUI (the free version). At the moment, I have my test that makes a request to the API, then checks the status code of the response to be 202. Here comes the tricky bit - can I set up something like a request 'listener' as part of the test steps? This is because I expect the API to do a callback request at some point.


I viewed but it does look like it only works with SOAP requests and I need a restful one.


Furthermore, when I try to add a mockResponse step as part of my test case I keep getting an odd error which says: "Missing SOAP operations to mock in project", I've looked it up but nothing out there helped.


Thank you


Re: Testing an async API with SoapUI (free version)

Hi @md13,


SOAP MockResponse TestStep (in the Pro version it's called "SOAP VirtResponse") isn't suitable for listening for REST Responses. For this purpose, the REST VirtResponse TestStep is available in the Pro version:  


You can get free 14-day trial of SoapUI Pro to try it out:

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