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Service Virtualization

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Service Virtualization

Is there any way to create a mock service that would just replay data

and then use that for the end to end test

I am more curious about how to run an end to end test in a virtual environment



Re: Service Virtualization

If you're using ReadyAPI, should can ultilize ServiceV to mock.

you can refer to to get more details






Re: Service Virtualization

You can use ServiceV to virtualize/data-drive your mock service to make it static or dynamic and then deploy it into the virtserver so you can run it against your tests Smiley Happy


If you have any specific questions on how to, let us know and we can help Smiley Happy


@Olga_T Please move this to correct location






Re: Service Virtualization

@jhanzeb1, done! Thanks for drawing my attention to this Smiley Happy


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Re: Service Virtualization

I need more specefic instructions


Re: Service Virtualization

Question 1 - is there any way to create a mock service? - Yes, it can be created in ServiceV of ReadyAPI if that's the tool you are using? The link on how to do that was shared earlier on above.


Question 2 - that would just replay data - Yes, that's the purpose of it

Question 3 - and then use that for the end to end test - You will need to create a virtual service first. Once it's created, you will have to use something called virtserver ( to be able to run the service so you can send requests to it (test it).


Question 4 - I am more curious about how to run an end to end test in a virtual environment - As explained above, you need to be specific in regards to what you are stuck on. This forum may not spoon feed until users actually try and attempt to do something. 


Also, please try to provide as much information on forums as possible, we do not know your context, it would be nice to know what product/tool you are using, version, Soap/REST/JMS API etc..



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Re: Service Virtualization

We are currently using Pro version 2.2

We are exploring different ways of virtualization.

I did attend the webiner on ServiceV last year.

just needed more clarity which you have provided

Let me take this back and think about how design the solution



Re: Service Virtualization

Yeah sure, to be fair, it is a bit complicated until you start to use it. 

It does become a lot simple i.e you do the virtual service development in serviceV and can test it locally too i.e from your own machine. 


For someone else to test that service from a different machine, that's when you will need to use virtserver to host that service for others to use. It has a different endpoint as to the one on your local machine.


Hope it helps and Goodluck! 

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