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writing load test data to database

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writing load test data to database

I noticed a very cool feature in Microsoft TFS and was hoping soapUI can do something similar.

TFS allows for load testing of websites and creates reports etc. It allows the user to create a database by providing a schema definition sql file. by running this file it creates a database on a local or remote machine and modifies settings in TFS so that all load test information is written in the database.

Having this kind of ability in soapui would accomplish a lot of things.
1. put soapui at par with some leading industry tools like loadrunner, webload, tfs which have extensive reporting mechanisms.
2. by having the results in a database, we can create customized charts
3. it allows the customer to have  a centralized results database.
4. when load test testcase are in loop, writing information to a database before the testcase loops would solve the issue we had reported (stats dont update after thread change because of the loop)


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Hi Ali,

I think this can be pretty easily achieved by using one of the extension interfaces available.. can you give me some more details on what data you would like to save and maybe we could create a article on this on our site!?


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For instance I have a load test where the sampling rate is 2 seconds. After every 2 seconds soapui save info such information such as current thread, time count, min, max, avg, last, cnt, tps...

If I have all this information in a database (meaning write information to database at every sampling interval), i can generate meaningful figures such what was the tps during some time.

an article or video on how to do this would be amazing.

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