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data export

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data export

Sorry to bother, I was following your web tutorial on data export ( for "TestSuite TestCases" and found the generated CSV file was almost empty, it only showed the test case name. Below is an example xml I got from the web


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:web="http://www.webserviceX.NET">


I was expecting the generated CVS file would have at least "Carbon"


I then tried API Ready and I got the same result. To what extent can "data export" do to export test case data please?


We use xml files to do functional test in SoapUI Pro, we'd like to manage our xml test cases and decide to "export" them into CSV files and then use Oracle SQL*Loader to load into our database, so in the future we'd like to use data driven through Oracle JDBC connection for regression test, is there any practical way to convert our xml test cases into CSV file please?


Thank you very much



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Looking at very first time, not sure I really got your question, so be patient.

Did you try to use this data export feature after running the tests?

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Yes, I ran the whole test case and made sure each step had the correct response, but when I ran data export at test case level, all I got was each step's name

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Why is this marked as solved while there are no solution?!

No more a solution.




If you are stuck in this problem follow below steps.



1) Store each result as you want in a custom property

2) write it in to a CSV file as you need using groovy

3) Reset all the values of custom property to null


note:- Above stated is a suggestion.



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