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XML Schema 1.1 Support

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XML Schema 1.1 Support

Dear SmartBear-Team,

since XML Schema 1.1 just became a recommendation by W3C in this month, it would be good to have
soapUI supporting it to. At least in a beta version.

XML Schema 1.1 is kept backward compatible and already respected by Xerces and Saxon.

As a quick test, I tried to replace the xerces-lib in the soapUI-lib folder with following version:

Xerces2 Java 2.11.0 (XML Schema 1.1) (Beta)

but the validation of a message with an assertion (= new introduced feature, similar to the ones in schematron) in its XSD did not work.
It says "validation ok", where it's not.

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This question (12-2012) remains withour answer.

I have the same problem.

Can you explain how soapui can be compliant with XML Schema 1.1?


Especially, is there a way to tell to SOAPUI that the option "Validate Requests: Always validate request messages before they are sent" has to be done with  XML Schema 1.1?


Thanks by advance


PS: SOAPUI 5.2.1 version used

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May be you could explain the problem that you experience, that would help better.

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here is my problem in details:


I have a wsdl/xsd in which I include an XML Schema 1.1 field (assert)

Something like that:
<xsd:assert test="..."></xsd:assert>


I import that wsdl/xsd files on a new project on SOAPUI 5.2.1 and I'd like that, when

I write a request that is not compliant with that assert condition, and
when I submit that request (if the option Editor Settings - Validate Request is checked),
SOAPUI cancels my request indicating to me that assert condition is not fulfilled.


If there is in my xsd:
<xs:element name="test">
<xs:restriction base="xs:string">
<xs:pattern value="\d{6}"/>
And my request looks like : ... <test>1234564</test> ...
there is, at present, an error message indicating:
"line X: string value '1234564' does not match pattern for type of test element..."


Now, I'd like that if there is in my xsd
<xs:assert test="(@dept eq 'ACC')"></xsd:assert>
And I my request looks like: ... <dept>NAT</dept> ...
I expect that there is an error message indicating:
"line Y: problem with dept element"


In one sentence:

How to make SoapUI XSD Validator compliant to
XML Schema 1.1 (by updating a jar, by setting global parameter, ...)?



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