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Virtrunner - how to?

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Virtrunner - how to?

I've imported the Sample Virt project, clicked on the Soap request, exported it as a XML file.

When I try to run it using the virtrunner.bat tool, there is the following error:

org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: Element mockService@
config is not a valid soapui-project@ document o
r a valid substitution.


Is this the correct way? Did someone manage to use the virtrunner tool?

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Re: Virtrunner - how to?

Hi Ynorsa,


My understanding is that you need to configure ServiceV Vitrs in the Ready! API project. You can find more information here:

Did you do this?


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Re: Virtrunner - how to?



Actually, what I needed to do was export the whole project as a ZIP file, then extract the XML file out of it, and this is the file I was to run with virtrunner.

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