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Simulating Fixed Rate Strategy in LoadUI NG


Simulating Fixed Rate Strategy in LoadUI NG



We in the organization are new to Load UI NG and are currently trailing it out before we raise a purchase order. 


In Load UI NG, we are trying to simulate a fixed-rate strategy similar to the one provided in Load Test component in SoapUI PRO. Our applications are transnational based than user load based. We are used to specifying the TPS rate we want to achieve with x number of users in soapUI PRO (the tool throttles the requests per second accordingly)


While I am using the fixed rate load test type in Load UI NG, I am unable to achieve the required fixed transactional rate. The configuration for this load type is more on users and I fail to understand the necessary configuration to achieve a fixed transaction rate (I also tried with throttling the transactions using thinktime/pacing but doesn’t work)


Would really be glad if someone could educate me on this.





Re: Simulating Fixed Rate Strategy in LoadUI NG

In LoadUI NG you can now control the rate of VUs / Threads / Users with the load type.


You can read more about that here -[]=rate&s[]=vus


And the configuration is as shown in this image:

LoadUI VU vs Rate.jpg

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