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Settings layout question

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Settings layout question

Is it possible to simply add text to a setting tab?
I want to add some text for descriptive purposes, but I am not seeing how to do it.
For example here is the "Authentication" tab in the WebRunner

settings( label: "Authentication" ) {
property( property: authUsername, label: 'Username' )
property( property: authPassword, widget: 'password', label: 'Password' )


Is it possible to put some text before the username/password fields that would simply describe when to use it?
Can you only specify "properties" for settings? And if so, is there simply a "Text" property? (not a checkbox/form field/ etc...)
i.e. "Only set these values if running the xy.z version"

Also, what is the
widget: 'password'
bit supposed to do?

Finally, is there any documentation on creating layouts/settings etc for LoadUI? The Custom Components article gives a few examples and the reference to the MIGLayout website provides no help for groovy and how LoadUI is utilizing the MIGLayout. It would be really helpful to understand or know what the "widgets" are available.
Thanks in advance

Re: Settings layout question


I've updated the documentation to reflect the improvements made in LoadUI 2.5. You can now simply use:
label( 'Any text goes here.' )

Or even:
node( label:'My custom JavaFX Node', node: myJavaFxNode )

Here are the documentation changes: ... ent-layout ... 4-settings

Good luck!

LoadUI dev
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Re: Settings layout question

Thanks for getting back to me on this Henrik
Seems like it is not working.
I added

settings( label: "Authentication" ) {
label( 'Test Label' )
property( property: usernameProperty, label: 'Username' )
property( property: passwordProperty, label: 'Password', widget: 'password' )

And it doesn't show up.
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