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Scripts library redefine

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Scripts library redefine

Can you help me with one question?
How can i redefine scripts library from groovy script? Or how to define scripts library with soapui startup except settings-file?
Thank you.
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I echo Kiril's question.  Specifically, how can I set the Script Library directory when calling the SoapUI test runner (testrunner.bat)?  I don't have the option of setting it via the ReadyAPI IDE.


The alternative to redefining the Script Library directory is to copy our own scripts into the ReadyAPI bin/scripts folder, which then becomes a maintenance issue as those scripts should be cleaned up at the end of the run without deleting any of the SmartBear-provided script files there.


So it is best to set the Script Library on each call to testrunner.bat.  How can this be done?

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Solved via two other posts.

which pointed to:


SmartBear Support provided the answer in the second post above:

-Dsoapui.scripting.library=<your script library path>


Adding that to the arguments to testrunner.bat called from my Gradle build file worked.  Note that the path should be an absolute path, as a path relative to the directory from which testrunner.bat was invoked did not work.  Absolute path worked though.  Cased closed (for me anyway).

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