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SQL Data mappings for REST parameters randomly getting wiped out

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SQL Data mappings for REST parameters randomly getting wiped out

This is driving me crazy.  I upgraded from 1.3 to 1.6 a few weeks ago.  Last week I ran into a couple of previously working test cases that were failing.  Discovered data mappings were missing, thought maybe it was me, fixed them and moved on.  Today I've run into again and this time I know it wasn't me (and comparing the files from my last check-in I can see they were there a few days ago).  I am using SQL db as my data source and using the "GetData" option to map REST parms like this:

${PutAgents Data#SourceOrgId}


Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to reproduce and I've made too many changes to revert to the previous version.  Anyone else seeing this?  I recently reported a reproducible problem to Support where my Target/Source mappings in a DataSource Loop step were getting wiped out.  Seems to be a theme with 1.6.

I will reply to this and email support if I can find steps to reproduce.


all 4 parms were mapped last weekall 4 parms were mapped last week




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Hi Greg,


This sounds like an issue in Ready! API 1.6. If you provided our Support Team with the steps to reproduce it, that would be great! Thanks in advance.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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I will definitely contact support with steps when I get them but so far no reproducible pattern.  I just wasted an hour or 2 trying to figure out why a test case that worked a few days ago suddenly started failing.  I thought it was a regression with our API but turns out the "Property" value for my Assertion teststep  magically changed from "ResponseAsXml" to "Response".  Once I set it back all is well again.  Very frustrating, support has opened up 4 defects for me in just the past 2 weeks and I have at least 2 more to track down and report.

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