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Reference current Response-SOAP-XML in context.expand

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Reference current Response-SOAP-XML in context.expand

In my project I have many teststeps: TF001, TF002, TF003, …

These teststeps are organized in the testcase “getOffer”

I want to run these teststeps individually, as well as all together in the testcase.

For both these ways I want to do something special every time and with each response-xml: get a base64-element, decrypt it and write it to the harddrive


My understanding is that Events -> RequestFilter.afterRequest is the appropriate solution for my problem.

So far so good…


My question is how to reference the current response-xml (SOAP) and the specific element with the base64-data.

I want to have one Event-Filter-Script, which should work for all!

The following code works fine for the first teststep and only for the first step.

def rawFile = context.expand( '${TF001#Response#declare namespace gevo=\'\'; declare namespace allg=\'\'; //gevo:Datei[1]/allg:Daten[1]}' )

How can I re-write this groovy code so it works for all? I must get rid of the “TF001”.

Can you please tell me how to do this?


The following attempts did not work

def rawFile = context.expand( '${SOAP Request#Response...

def rawFile = context.expand( '${#TestStep#Request#Response...

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use only: 

context.expand( '${Response...


For instance:

context.expand( '${Response#declare namespace tem=""; //tem:TemperatureInFahrenheit}')

I have tested this code in TestRunListener.afterStep.
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Thanks @KarelHusa for your response - that's what I was looking for! 🙂


At first it didn't work in my project, hence an additional hint:

Im my usecase where I want to run the request individually as well as grouped in a testcase I have to duplicate the code and use it in both these filters:

  • RequestFilter.afterRequest (for individual running)
  • TestRunListener.afterStep (for running in a testcase)
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