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Q & A results from today's first SmartBear Academy Ready! API 101 free training session


Q & A results from today's first SmartBear Academy Ready! API 101 free training session

Hello Ready! API Community!  Below are some of the Questions and Answers from SmartBear Academy Ready! API 101 Free training that was live this morning.  We wanted to share these questions with you all as some of them may be questions you have as well. 


Q. Jenkins - plugin in available in plugin manager.
A. There is a Jenkins plugin for ServiceV/Virtual APIs. For automating SoapUI tests, you'll want to use the Command Line Test Runner, which Mike is demonstrating now.


Q. will it automatically create JIRA defects in case of failures? if yes than will it automatically mark defect as fixed if issue is resolved or that will be manual task developer needs to perform?
A. The JIRA plugin requires manual interaction to report an issue. It allows users to create issues/log bugs directly from the Ready! API platform. It is not automatic.


Q. Does LoadUI have the ability to use IP Spoofing or how does it prevent the load balance from directing traffic to a single app server if load is coming from one machine?
A. You can use the Distribution option to distribute your load tests across multiple machines.


Q. How can I look at several tags in JSON or XML that are exactly the same and make sure the value I am looking for is in one of those tags? For example, Customer name, there may be several tags that come back with a customer name, but I am looking for Joe Smith, it can be in any one of those tags, how can I search all the tags for the value in an assertion?
A. You'd want to use an Assertion Test Step to look at multiple tags for a single response, rather than asserting on the request itself.

Q. Project developed in SOAPUI NG Pro with features like datasink/Datasource can it be run using SoapUI open source tool? If not is their anyway to do it ?
A. Any test that was created with Pro features will require a licensed version of SoapUI/SoapUI NG Pro to run.


Q. Do we have reporting option that can be share to external after running test suite?
A. After reports have been created, you can share them externally. Reports can be generated in PDF, HTML, CSV or XML formats.


Q. We are not using Soap or Rest API's just XML over http protocol. Application make calls using API’S. My Q -Using Rest Discovery can we capture those API's too?
A. You can use the Discovery feature to capture traffic over HTTP and build tests from the captured calls.


Q. Do we have an option to configure testScripts for MQ based services and config MQ headers?
A. Ready! API does allow testing of MQ services via integration with Hermes JMS.

Q. Best way of automation is using groovy script or use groovy assertion in the request?
A. Automation is achieved via the TestRunner, which generates a Command Line Prompt you can use to execute your tests.



Our next free monthly training 101 session covering SoapUI NG Pro, LoadUI NG Pro, ServiceV, and Secure is September 27th at 1030am EST. Hope to see you there!

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