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Mock Response Groovy Script not working at startup

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Mock Response Groovy Script not working at startup


I've found that in sopaui-pro (2.0.1 and 2.0.2) the groovy script for mock response
is not working after the very first launch of the GUI.
The workaround is to just add a new line (for example) in the script window to make it (loaded ? and ) execute properly.

On a second hand I'm trying to run the same mock response from Java,
but the groovy script doesn't seem to be executed as well.
May be I'm wrong, but it seems to me that it is the same problem,
the xml groovy script element would not be loaded properly at startup ?
Of course there is no workaround from java.

Could you confirm this ?


Super Contributor

Hi Jean-Pierre,

thanks for your post. I tried to recreate this by creating a simple script in a mockresponse: "hello" )

This seems to get executed ok, ie on the first request/mock-response after restarting soapUI and loading the project I can see the "hello" message in the groovy log. Can you share your script/project to see if you are doing anything special? (


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