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Loading representations from wadl?

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Loading representations from wadl?

I'm working with a legacy web application and trying to generate a wadl that I can load into SoapUI and run automated tests on.  I'm having trouble getting representations to show in the application.  I'm not sure if I'm missing something or what, is this supported? I see an icon in the request page under projects, that when highlighted, says "Load contents from a representation" but it doesn't appear to do anything.  A sample wadl I'm trying to use:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<application xmlns="">
<doc xml:lang="en" title="http://localhost"/>
<resources base="http://localhost">
<resource path="test.aspx;test" id="test.aspx">
<doc xml:lang="en" title="test.aspx"/>
<method name="POST" id="TestRepresentation">
<doc xml:lang="en" title="TestRepresentation"/>
<representation mediaType="application/json">
<param style="plain" name="name" required="true" path="/name" fixed="John Doe" />
<param style="plain" name="title" required="true" path="/title" fixed="Sales" />
<param style="plain" name="homephone" required="true" path="/phones/home" fixed="555-0001" />
<param style="plain" name="workphone" required="true" path="/phones/work" fixed="555-0002" />

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