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LoadUI/SoapUI high CPU and Memory usage

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LoadUI/SoapUI high CPU and Memory usage


I am testing with loadUI 2.1.1 and soapUI 4.5.1 and I am testing a remote server . I have problems with authentification but that is not the issue at hand.
The problem is that I've made a simple Soap request from SoapUI using the server's endpoint and the script gives me the desired result, but when I do a load test in either LoadUI using the script at 5 requests per second the CPU is used at 100% and with SoapUI a load test on the script at more than 10 threads it gives the same problem.

The one using all the CPU in Task Manager is javaw.exe*32 for loadUI and it keeps 400mb of Ram after stoping the test, and java.exe which keeps 355 mb of Ram after stopping the test. Just starting SoapUI java.exe takes 226 mb of Ram, and starting and selecting the project for LoadUI javaw.exe*32 goes to 323.

My computer is running Windows 7, java is updated to latest version, my CPU is Intel Xeon w3550 @ 3,07 GHz and have 6 GB of Ram.

The script in SoapUI is:
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:tem="">

Need an answear ASAP.

Thanks a lot,
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Re: LoadUI/SoapUI high CPU and Memory usage

Same problem. Almost not possible to use it in normal way. I update my soapUI PRO to Ready API 1.5.0  tests not running and look at the memory usage WTF? I already looking for other alternatives.


Also I wanted to contact your support, but instead of support form I get this it seems that you forgot to update your certificate. Looks not profesional.

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Re: LoadUI/SoapUI high CPU and Memory usage

My project is only 27 MB and now I am not able to save it. **bleep**....


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