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Java, Groovy & WSSE Binary Token

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Java, Groovy & WSSE Binary Token

I have some web services that must have a binary security token, a Username and a password in the wsse header. The binary security token must be calculated every five minutes because they expire after five minutes. I wrote a Java class that accepts a token userID and a token password and calculates the new binary token. I created custom properties for the username & password, and the token userID and the token password.
1) How can I insert the username and password into the wsse header or do I have to use the normal username and password properties.
2) In addition, how can I insert the calculated token value into the binary security token field in the wsse header. I don't mind constructing the header from scratch each time in a script if I have to. Ideally, I don't want to have to do this via the test suite.

Re: Java, Groovy & WSSE Binary Token

The following thread shows some scripts to add a cookie ID to requests...


I believe you could use the same principle to add WSSE headers to your requests.

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