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JUnit Reports not generated for individual test steps

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JUnit Reports not generated for individual test steps

My test will fetch input data from a tsv file and sticks them in my soapui's http request. (Since there are 1000s of inputs in my tsv file, I cannot have individual test case for each individual input data). Therefore I just have one http test request (for numerous input data.)
I' am using Jenkins to run my test, unfortunately in my junit report I just see 1 test case failed and nothing else, instead of a proper junit report that will have a details of my each individual steps, whether it passed or not.

To be honest my junit report is currently not very useful at the moment.

Any help in this is really appreciated. It would be great help if you can provide me some options/steps that I need to select or (any groovy code snippet, that I can attach to my code) that will enable me to get a proper report (a report that will have test steps level rather than test case level)

Many Thanks,

Re: JUnit Reports not generated for individual test steps

Hi Kumar,

Please have a look at this guide: ... junit.html

The SoapUITestCaseRunner has basic reporting functionalities, including the possibility to create JUnit-compatible xml-reports using the -j switch.

By default, the testrunner exports only failed results to a text file, the -a option will export all results instead.

Exported files are written to a file named <TestSuite>-<TestCase>-<TestStep Name>-<Count>-<Status>.txt in the current or specified folder. An example filename is "TestSuite 1-TestCase 1-Request Step 1-0-OK.txt"

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