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JSON too long in REST Request (POST)?

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JSON too long in REST Request (POST)?

Hi there,


I searched the internet and the community to find a proper solution but didn't find anything about that.


We have an interface which receives a lot of data and parameters. It is a REST interface with a POST Method.


In the Header I send the "Content-Length", which is about 26.000 characters, but Ready API cuts it off at around 10.000 characters (Seeing the raw request and count the characters there).

Using the same Requests in Postman, it works fine and nothing is cut off, so basically it is working.


Is there any way to increase the maximum length in ReadyAPI? E.g. raise some values in the vmoptions?


Thanks in advance


on readyAPI go to file > preference 

click on UI

find a line that says 

Size of Raw response message to show


Update the number to higher number 


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