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Is there any setting so that I can see only changes instead of seeing the whole file


Is there any setting so that I can see only changes instead of seeing the whole file

In Ready API GIT panel , presently when you click on file, it shows all file contents in red and then all file contents in green.

As in screenshot below.

Is there any settings that we can enable so that it shows exactly the change we did instead of showing in red whole file and green again with whole file.

Please suggest.




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Hey @Hellotest 


Isn't it showing the changes that were made?  i.e. the red (prefixed by the minus signs) are what has been removed and the green (prefixed by the plus signs) indicate what has been added in the latest add/commit/push?


Or am I misunderstanding?





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Hello Richie,

I just made one line change in that file and would like to view that change I made.

Instead here it shows whole file is removed in red and then new file including my change is showed in green.

It is difficult to just view my change.


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Hi @richie ,


we had the same issue and I created an issue. It is internal als RIA-15964 in developlment.


At the moment we use TortoiseGit to view the changes and don't use the ReadyAPI Git-Functionalty


Kind Regards, Michael

Michael Krausemann

This is strange . Ready API is licensed one and still we need to use other tools for these type of functionality.

I think there should be some setting available to view your change only.

Otherwise if issue is raised then what is ETA?

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last answer from 2021


For now, unfortunately, we don't have an ETA for this bug.




Michael Krausemann
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