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Idbased License Maven and Ready API


Idbased License Maven and Ready API


first of all I am total DAU for these topics, so I apologize for all the stupid things I am going to write.

Unfortunately the only colleague with some experience left the company some time ago.


I read all support pages (at least I think I read all) but I couldn't find the help I needed.

We are running our ReadyAPI with Maven on Bamboo. Since we had to switch to idbased license this not working anymore, because our admins can't really work out how to include the accessKey. (I have already opened a Ticket for that but got no reply till now

If I look into my plan it looks totally different from what the following page suggest to do, Basically I just had to configure the link to the git repository and the goal clean test -Denv= Integration or Test and that is it. No command line for testrunner and so on. Even the page for troubleshooting maven suggest to add the license key, which does not exists anymore.


So any idea where do I have to configure the license when the job is running with Maven?


Thank you and I appreciate all the answer



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Hi Sabine, did you get any response regarding your question?  We also have the same question. The documentation seems outdated.




Hi mtp

Unfortunately the support was not able to help.

They "fixed" the problem by giving us a license file for now and promised to update their documentation.

I haven't heard back till now

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Thanks for the update.  I'm also getting slow response from the support team.


Hi @mtp 

Instead of answering my ticket they released a new version and now it working ^^


I am using tags on my testcases, for the few, which cannot run all environments


<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
	<name>ReadyApi Project Name</name>
					<!--<globalProperties> <value>preemptive=true</value> </globalProperties> -->
						<param>TestCase ${env}</param>
					<!-- Only test cases with corresponding tags will be executed -->






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Thank you @Yki for the update. I'll definitely try this.

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