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How to run data driven suite in java

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How to run data driven suite in java

Firstly I'm using ReadyAPI 1.8


Can anybody tell me how to run a testcase with a datasource and a dataloop using intelliJ. I can do this with our older suites that are not datadriven by getting all the test steps from all the testcases in a suite, but running a data driven case (using testCaseRunner rather than get the steps) just runs the 4 steps once.



Datasource - null

AT-01 - OK

TC-01 - OK

Datasource Loop - null (back to Datasource)


I have over one hundred rows in my datasource so my question is how can I run the case and have it loop through the 4 test steps 100 times rather than just once?


Appreciate any help in advance!


Hi Andy,

You can check out the guide on how to run different data-driven tests in Ready! API here: In this case, it sounds like you may have to adjust the data loop options, listed under step 6 in the above document. Hope this helps!

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