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How to receive SoapUI Test Case results for TestLink transfe

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How to receive SoapUI Test Case results for TestLink transfe

Dear Support Team,

I'm extending SoapUI via Groovy Scripts to interact with TestLink, so far the handover of Project/Suites/Cases/Steps/Requests/Responses for creating Specifications works fine, the next step is the export of SoapUI results to TestLink, to generate the TestPlans/Builds and Execution Results.

It's a similar use case to this one : viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3650&p=12834
Users will execute Test Suites or Test Cases, when the tests finishes, they should transfer the results to TestLink via custom action.

I'm now in trouble of gathering the SoapUI Test Case results, meaning the pure status whether all(or any) Test Cases are "FINISHED" or "FAILED"
According to the TestLink API are only those Results of the Test Case level necessary for the transfer.

The method
 def result = testRunner.getStatus() result
returns me all the time "RUNNING", although Test Cases were executed and have a status (FINISHED/FAILED)

Is there any simple method to get all Results for all Test Cases as status "PASSED/FAILED"?
Or is a population over all Test Step Results necessary?

A handsome Groovy code snippet/example would be very nice/appreciated

Thanks a lot in advance and kind regards

Re: How to receive SoapUI Test Case results for TestLink tra

Hey Kris,

You can get the TestCase results from the TestRunner using the following method: ... ults%28%29

Or, if you want to access it at TestSuite level, you can use this: ... ults%28%29

Hope this is of assistance to you.


SmartBear Sweden
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