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Form Editor - Error Initializing Editor from Message


Form Editor - Error Initializing Editor from Message

I have a number of test steps which run OK, but if I open them, I get a dialog box with the title 'Error Initializing Editor from Message'
and asking me "Do you want to recreate a default message from the schema?".
If I say yes, my message is replaced with all elements ... not very useful
If I say no and look at the test step with the XML view, the message is as I expect it to be.
And it runs OK.
But I can't use the form view anymore on that message.

I don't know how many messages are like this, since it only shows up when I open the test step.

Couldnt find any clues in the log files.
So I edited soapui-log4j.xml to set all thresholds to debug in the hope of maybe seeing something of interest, but did not.

Any idea what is wrong, or what I can do?

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi Tom,

Very odd. Could you send me the contents of your SoapUI Error log when this occurs? Also, if possible, send me the project file and I'll try to reproduce it.


SmartBear Sweden

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Thanks for the reply Arian.

Unfortunately, I can't really share the project file, though I know that's a reasonable thing to want to see.
Company rules and all

I did an edit in the XML editor, and that seems to have brought the form editor back to working properly.
I dont know whether it was because I used the XML editor and that caused some sort of refresh, or whether it was the edit itself.

The edit was to remove a troublesome character in the name of a test step.
The test step name contained an ampersand like:
"My Test Step PC1&2"

I changed that to
"My Test Step PC1and2"

There was no indication of any problem in the test step itself; only subsequent test steps that referenced that one.

I did eventually realize that several subsequent steps that referenced "My Test Step PC1&2" also had the form editor problem.
The ampersand showed up nicely escaped in the XML editor in the references, but I didnt like it (and thought maybe it was causing trouble), so I changed the name.

I think it was the ampersand that was confusing things.

At this point, I think the issue is resolved unless it pops up again
SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi again,

Good to hear it's at least resolved for now. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reproduce this behavior. If there is any content in your soapui-errors.log file in the SoapUIHome/bin/ folder, share that if you can and I'll investigate further.

Let me know if this happens again and if you manage to find any more clues.


SmartBear Sweden

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Ran into this old thread trying to find why I am getting the same message.

After going over my request's raw XML noticed I accidentally removed opening bracket for one of the elements.


So in my case, the error was caused by malformed XML & resolved by fixing syntax.



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