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Failing a Groovy Script Test Step

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Re: Failing a Groovy Script Test Step

You may find it better to start a new topic as your question doesn't really relate to the original message title. A new message will more likely get more appropriate answers. Anyway, to answer your question...


If you are new to Groovy I would suggest that you have a look at the pint and click Get Data functionality. This will allow you to easily retrieve the a SOAP response by creating the required Property Expansions for you.


Regarding logging, the Groovy Script editors provide a predefined variable "log" (See the section "Editing Groovy test step" of this page) to allow access to the Ready API script log, this object is a Log4J logger.


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Re: Failing a Groovy Script Test Step

Hi Manoj, might help.


P.S. Your question has nothing related to the initial question asked in this thread. Which is pretty old, by the way. If you not able to find a discussion related to your problem within the Community, it is much better to start a new thread.


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