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Can we connect to Dynamo database and Amazon Web Service from Ready API?

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Can we connect to Dynamo database and Amazon Web Service from Ready API?




--- Assuming you are on a Windows PC ---

That error tells me that the AWS JAR file from the SDK is not in the place it is supposed to be (ReadyAPI has not recognized it).  Double check where you put it if you followed my instructions up above.  Here are the most detailed instructions I can give.  


Step 1.  Download AWS Java SDK - it is a zip file found at "" (note: just in the few days of this thread, AWS has already updated the SDK.  It was version 1.11.428 when we started.  It is now 1.11.431)

Step 2.  Unzip it to where ever you want, except for anywhere on your path or the SmartBear software installation areas.  A temp/trash/junk folder would be ideal.

Step 3.  Save anything you need and close all running instances of ReadyAPI/SoapUIPro

Step 4.  Delete any file that contains the letters 'aws' in the .lib folder of your ReadyAPI installation location (there should only be one or two files to delete).  Mine is located at 'C:\Program Files\SmartBear\ReadyAPI-2.4.0\lib\'.

Step 5.  There will be a .lib folder contained in the created extract location of your unzip of the downloaded AWS Java SDK zip file. 

      Copy the file named 'aws-java-sdk-1.11.428.jar'

      to the installation .lib folder of your ReadyAPI installation location.  Mine is:

      'C:\Program Files\SmartBear\ReadyAPI-2.4.0\lib'

Step 6.  Restart ReadyAPI/SoapUI Pro

Step 7.  Try your groovy test step that contains the code that gave you the error.  The error should be gone if ReadyAPI/SoapUI Pro has recognized the file.


That is all the farther I can take you my friend.  That is how I made my AWS SDK work on my Windows computer running ReadyAPI-2.x.x



Thank you so much @TNeuschwanger. It's very impressive the way you are given instruction.


Here I found what I was doing wrong

First of all, I have not closed ready API. Even after closing Ready API, It doesn't work for me then I copied SDK file to this folder too  (C:\Program Files\SmartBear\ReadyAPI-2.3.0\bin\ext) as it seems to have all external jars. Now it's working.


Just want to ask how do you setup Credential for AWS. Within your code or any config file??

"Just want to ask how do you setup Credential for AWS. Within your code or any config file??"


The following link describes how to set up your credentials file in the location AWS expects:


The following link describes local DynamoDB operation with credentials.

Item number 4 says you don't need specific credentials, they just need to be present in appropriate named and located file.


You can use the aws configure command of the AWS CLI to set up credentials. For more information, see Using the CLI.



Thanks @TNeuschwanger, I have found one of the links you provided to set up the keys and its working fine for me. 


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Hi all,


@TNeuschwanger, thank you so much for those great instructions, wow! That is really impressive! 

I have marked your reply with the steps as a solution so that other users could refer to it easier in the future, but other your replies are also very good.

@ranujn, feel free to mark any reply that you like as a solution too! It's great to hear that you are all set now!


Have a great day!


Olga Terentieva
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