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Time format for log files

Time format for log files


using the table log of loadUI Pro there are two possibilities to save timestamps in log files: unformatted and formated.

Unfortunately the default format is not suitable for our needs:
- the date is missing
- Milliseconds are devided by ":" which cannot be handled by e.g. Excel

It would be nice to have the possibilty to set the time format in the global settings of loadUI (using the standard notation like 'dd.MM.yy hh:mm:ss,000').
Thanks and regards,





Very simple and smart request.


I don't really know Mati's plan for the table log in LoadUI NG Pro, I'll shout out to Matti to weigh in.




Hi Christian,


I've added to the top of the backlog. Should be easy to add.



Community Manager
Status changed to: Selected for Development

Hello CWeber,


I've added this feature. It will be in the 1.5 release, which is scheduled for mid-October.



Manne Fagerlind, Ready! API developer

Status changed to: Implemented
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