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Theme or ability to set high contrast or dark background

Theme or ability to set high contrast or dark background

Hi. I have some eye issues and normally work with a dark background / high contrast in all apps. I use SoapUI daily and find it difficult to read with the default white background. I did a search on the forum and there was a previous request about a year ago in the SoapUI Pro area for this feature. The only response was that it was not supported. I would like to also request this feature. Thanks!
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Nice to have.
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please add 

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This would definitely be a great feature to have!


I also have sight problems and usually have a coloured background instead of white. I use soap daily and find it a huge problem the background colour cannot be changed. Please please please can something be done?

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Please add...  This is a long time coming....


Give it more kudos, so maybe it will be implemented!

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A question from 2014 that I've reposted again this year. Let's all kudoo this please!




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his feature is needed indeed to relax our eyes from screen glare
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Definitely needed! Light interfaces attract bugs! 0.o

The Dark Theme needs to be implemented in ALL of ReadyAPI Pro. It is already in the Groovy editor screen, so coding it in the entire Ready API application should be a quick and easy modification without any bugs to deal with. I am amazed people have been asking for this for more than 6 years! Let's make this happen!