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Make UTF-8 default encoding in ReadyAPI

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Make UTF-8 default encoding in ReadyAPI

As of (I think V3.0) the encoding is put on (I asume) ANSI by default, as all groovy scripts are writing ansi textfiles.

I don't know about y'all but in Belgium we mostly (understand 90% of the time) use UTF-8 encoding for textfiles as we program in english but with data in different languages. That's why UTF-8 is more aquanted with 'umlaut' characters, ' é - à - è- etc....'. This is unicoding. ANSI is more limited in strange characters.

It was so before, why has it changed? I have to think about it on each new update version of ReadyAPI as well as installing the integrations again and changing the performances for logins again..... 



1) Make sure that each update doesn't mess with the ReadyAPI configuration of the user

2) embed the UTF-8 encoding again in your versions by default.

3) If you really don't want to humor me, then at least after new update of a new version give a warning that this change needs to be done for all the persons who needs to code in UTF-8. Maybe with a link to an explanation page on SmartBear website on how to do so. (adding that line in the Readyapi.vmoptions)


Thanks in advance

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