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Command line to generating custom LoadUI report

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Command line to generating custom LoadUI report

Hi Team,


I have created custom report template for LoadUI test cases(Under Project -> Reporting)


I am unable to generate Custom report from the LoadUI loadtestrunner, but there is no option to pass Custom report name from command line argument(Read the document


There is option to generate custom report from SOAPUI, using command line argument -R<CustomReportNype>


Could you please implement Custom report generation feature for LoadUI through command line


I have raised question related to same -


Hi @ArunS ,


Thanks for the comment.  I have an additional question:


Was there a data set that was missing in LoadUI reports that you had to expose through customizing?


Let us know so that we can make a build in report better.

For the current issue, we'll take it into account.  There is a suggested workaround where you can:

- open load test in LoadUI Pro

- in statistics tab select your previous 'Run' from automated runs

- then you can generate custom reports


Hope that helps,



New Contributor



Whatever LoadUI report was generating it has more information, around 6-7 pages of details for one LoadUI test.


We wanted to reduce the number of pages and also wanted to customize report details with our own details.


And we usually run our tests on remote machines, so we wanted to generate custom reports via command line.