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Vanilla TestStep Plugin fails with error

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Vanilla TestStep Plugin fails with error



Just trying to test making plugins and created a new project with TestStep defined when generating. Code looks exactly like the example found here .


Loading plugin works fine, I can create a teststep with my custom TestStep class. But when selecting it in the treeview for the tests i get the following exception;


   	at com.smartbear.ready.functional.view.FunctionalModuleMenu.toggleStepMenu(
   	at com.smartbear.ready.functional.view.FunctionalModuleMenu.setToggleDisable(
   	at com.smartbear.ready.functional.view.FunctionalModuleMenu.enableMenuItemsForCurrentModelItem(

It works when just adding the step, but when selecting it again it just fails like this, and no gui window pops up either.


Here's my pom file if that helps.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

    <name>Ready! API TestStep Plugin</name>

            <name>Eviware Maven2 Repository</name>
            <name>Central Maven2 Repository</name>






Re: Vanilla TestStep Plugin fails with error



You get the error because Ready! API expects mandatory Enable\Disable actions for the TestStep node.

I have reported about issue to the devlopment team so checking on existence of the required actions will be added as soon as possible.


At now you need to define your own ActionsGroup for your TestStep to solve the issue. There are 2 step:

1. Implement SoapUIActionGroup interface with declaration of the Enable\Disable action. Simplest way to do this is to extend existing class from the Ready! API that already do it:

public class MyTestStepActionGroup extends WsdlTestStepSoapUIActionGroup {
    public MyTestStepActionGroup() {
        super("ActionGroup ID", "ActionGroup description");

  First argument of the base constructor ("ActionGroup ID") must be replaced with the string: your TestStep class name +      "Actions" suffix.

2. Register your ActionGroup:

SoapUI.getActionRegistry().addActionGroup(new MyTestStepActionGroup());

  Best place for this is PluginConfig constructor


Vyacheslav, software developer in the Ready! API team

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