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How to set Session timeout in Code Collaborator

HI Team, 

    We are using  Code Collaborator  v10.1.10100 . We are having more than 700 users who are using the tool. Is there any feature available in the tool by using which we can set the Session inactive timeout . If one user will be inactive for couple of minutes , his session will inactivated and he has to re login to use the tool.


Thanks in Advance,

Swapna Das

Building with the Collaborator API

Help Documenation
The Collaborator API is a JSON-RPC API that lets you integrate with Collaborator 9.0 and above. For more information about how the API works, check out the API description here:

Sample Plugins
For an example of an add-in that uses the API, take a look at the Microsoft Word Add-in for Collaborator:

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