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How to get Node's name in CustomTreeList



I'm new in TestComplete

Sorry in advance I dont speach english very well :-)


So, I work in a desktop application which contains a CustomTreeList object. I just try to know how to get any node's name (Label) but I still failed. I use VBScript language to write script.


I able to count how many nodes inside CustomTreeList with :




or (in only first column)



I already able to get to any node in the depth of  CustomTreeList object with "wChildView" command, for eg :

(...).Afx.HwndSource_CommandDispatcherControl.WinFormsAdapter.NavigationControl.splitContainerControl1.SplitGroupPanel.navigationTree.wChildView(3).wChildView(0).ClickCell(1, "Name")


And now, I need to know how can I get node's name.


Can you help me please.


Thanks a lot

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