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Cross Project - Ready API returns null



I have a requirement to run a test step from another project and I am a newbie to Ready API. 


I googled and got to the point of getting the Project Name but stuck after this point.


Couldn't access the TestSuite as it returns null. Below is the code Snippet i used


/ Replace names of a project, test suite, case and step with those you need.

// Connecting to the test step in another project.
def prj = testRunner.testCase.testSuite.project.workspace.getProjectByName("CMSToPMSService")"Project is: " + - Retrieves the Project Name properly
tSuite = prj.getTestSuiteByName("InitiateReverseActivationTestSuite") --- Null for tSuite."Test Suite is: " + 


See screenshots attached.


Not sure whats is wrong


Thanks in advance.





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Re: Cross Project - Ready API returns null

Have not tried your code yet but for starters

make sure you using the calls properly and make sure project name is correct.

I am sure we have lots of people here who can try your code and point out the issue.


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Re: Cross Project - Ready API returns null

Thanks Sanj. Sorted. Nothing to do with Code but the xml wasn't refreshed with the new Test Suite I created. My bad.

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