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Setup Automation Tests in QAComplete

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Setup Automation Tests in QAComplete


 I am new to setting up automated tests that are in TestComplete needs to be run from QaComplete. what would be the most efficient way of doing it, i see i need to zip the project suite. what if i have multiple projects in under the suite? how do i run one project from the suite and run single tests from the project? any help would be highly appreciated. 



Re: Setup Automation Tests in QAComplete



To specify which part of your project suite you are going to run, please use the 'Project or Test to Run' parameter of the corresponding Automation in QAC. Please refer to the Assign TestComplete Tests help topic for details.

Alexandra Ilyukhina

Customer Care Engineer
New Contributor

Re: Setup Automation Tests in QAComplete

Hi, we just did this. In your Test Library you probably have test definitions, and automation defintions within them.

You point the URL, UNC or Local Path to the saved project suite file and in teh 'Project or Test To Run' field you define which project you want to run.

Hope this helps..


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