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How to use custom arguments with test set parameters

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How to use custom arguments with test set parameters

Hello Community!


I use custom arguments in QAComplete to run automated tests from TestComplete for a specific test item, for example I use this command 
/test:"UAT|001_VolumeManagment: AMPLEXOR_Order_3SF-0RF-2TL_Cz_Hu"
The value UAT can be changed according to the environment of the test so it may be TEST or DEV

So I want to use a parameter to change the value , but I don't know the correct format of using parameter inside custom arguments

I tried : 

 /test:%TC_Param%+"|001_VolumeManagment: AMPLEXOR_Order_3SF-0RF-2TL_Cz_Hu"

 /test:%TC_Param%|001_VolumeManagment: AMPLEXOR_Order_3SF-0RF-2TL_Cz_Hu


The only thing that works is to use on %TC_Param% in custom arguments ,  and give it value /test:"UAT|001_VolumeManagment: AMPLEXOR_Order_3SF-0RF-2TL_Cz_Hu"

And this also doesn't suite my requirements , because each test set has about 10 tests, and their arguments are not the same, but if I can use a parameter with a value describing the environment only then it will suite all tests and save much time.


I hope you can help me soon.




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