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Why can I not run a Test Set (no "play" icon is visible).

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Why can I not run a Test Set (no "play" icon is visible).

Evaluating QAComplete, where I'm the admin, and created a second user "Benji" to simulate a test technician.

Logging in as Benji and do not see the blue "Play" icon to allow running of the test set I created as the admin.


Found this statement on this page of on-line help.:  "On the Test Sets page, there is the Run Now button next to each test set that you can run:"

but the phrase "that you can run" might be implying there's a privilege/access right that controls this (similar to the Allow running tests from the test library permission), or perhaps not??  I've even assigned the Test Set to "Benji".


Using IE11 if it matters.

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There are several things you should check:


  1. Whether you have the "Show Inactive Test Sets" selection set (in the Actions menu of your Test Set listing) and that your Test Sets have been marked as Inactive. To restore the play button, edit the Test Set and set the "Is Active" selection. See these screenshots: and
  2. If all of the individual tests in the Test Set are themselves not marked as "Active Test", then the play button will not be present on the Test Set:
  3. Look at the list of tests in the Test Set that is shown on the "Tests" tab. Each test marked as "Is Active". If none of the tests are marked as "Is Active" then the play button for the Test Set will not appear:
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