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Field Type: Tag

Field Type: Tag

Many other systems offer a "tags" field that allows end users to quickly categorize our items by related ideas. The closest functionality I can find in QA Complete is a "Choice List (multiselect)" field type, but that does not allow end users to quickly add new items to the list of available options. Instead, it requires an administrator to do so.


I'd like to create (or have built-in) a "Tags" field for my test cases that allows rapid addition of new options, guides the user to quickly find pre-existing values instead of creating near duplicates, and allows API clients to search for test cases that have one or more of the tags assigned.

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I like the options to Group By and create new Folders. Not the same, but still. As for the tools in Folders, Navigation and Grouping category, my favorite one is Sort Grid. It allows to choose 5 sorting levels.




 topic for research project

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