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Bulk link items

Bulk link items

I’d like to suggest a potential improvement of introducing bulk link items feature.

For instance right now if I want to link a test to requirement I need to do it one by one.

It would be great to have option in Fast Edit > Update multiple items > Link multiple items to Requirement/Agile Task etc.

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I was also looking for the same solutions that need to link multiple items with different type of requirement. anyone who to help here.       my-estub login   mycoles login


Thanks in advance

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GoDaddy... interesting. I will try this feature. Thank you.

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your idea is good but so far i have not seen that improvement. sorry

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It is really an impressive idea but fortunately, I had attempted it so many times but did not work. Is that way still Work or Not? 

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The same solutions that needed to link numerous objects with various requirements were what I was searching for as slime rancher 2 well. everyone who can lend a hand. 

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