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Additional Statistics

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Additional Statistics

It appears that additional statistics have been added to LoadNinja as of this morning. Statistics such as Redirect time, DNS time, Connect time, First byte time, Response time, DOM load time and Event time have been added. This will be very useful when digging deeper into a performance issue that you may be experiencing.
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Re: Additional Statistics

It's great that you like these new features!

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Re: Additional Statistics

Hi Michael,


> additional statistics have been added to LoadNinja as of this morning.


Web site ( states that no new version was released since past October.

And documentation ( was last modified past December.

Does this mean that some update was released silently, or that there is some flavor of LoadNinja hosted as a service at SmartBear, or something else?


  /Alex [Community Hero]
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Re: Additional Statistics

I think it is more likely that updating was overlooked while busily updating the actual code and features. I would expect that these things will get more attention when things slow down a little.
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Re: Additional Statistics

Event Time – The total time it took to fully load the page, as well as all the resources it referred to, to the Document Object Model (DOM). The page is considered fully loaded when the onload event trigger is invoked.  What does it mean when my Event time="0"?

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